I’m a young single mother, and I found out I was pregnant my freshman year of college. I had a lot of things going for me and I didn’t want to give them up because I had a hard time supporting myself let alone my son. I’m an art student with great talent to succeed. It has always been my dream to work with Art students and become a teacher. I have always been the kind of person who can achieve what ever I put my mind and heart into. I feared dropping out of college, getting a minimum wage job, having no future for myself and barely giving one to my son one because of financial problems. I was not about to turn to credit cards to make my situation worse. I made the decision to continue putting myself into debt with loans for school while working a night job. I started doing all kinds of research; my mom was doing the same thing. She was tired of working a 9-5 job doing the same thing for 25 years. She decided she needed a change. While doing research we have come to notice that a lot of the programs are very similar when it came to making a profit. I didn’t want to sell items on eBay, because first you need items to sell and I didn’t have the money to purchase a bunch of products only to find that I might not be able to sell them. It is also hard to make good consistent profit off of selling anything without a reputable company backing you up now-a-days with inflation rising. My mom works for an advertising business. She is VP of the company. A lot of companies are turning to the internet to promote and sell their products. One of the reasons is packaging and postage costs. For example, if a company decides to ship put 2 million adds to certain areas in the US and postage goes up a few cents from last year, just a couple cents in selling the same ads can add up to be a lot. That’s where marketing and advertising companies are losing their customers. They turn to people online who can promote their product for them for free. When that person sells their product through the site they are called an affiliate. They then get a commission off of that product for selling it for the company. The reason why many people fail at this or think it can be a scam is because they don’t fully understand why they are an affiliate or what one is. The average person also doesn’t understand that you have to put some actual work into the business in the beginning to get anything out of it. After putting in some hard work into the online business, after a while things start to get easier because you have made yourself known. You have gotten your links out into the web where people are noticing them. Investing some hard work now, pays off in the near future. I am currently a student about to become an Art teacher. That is my passion in life, but it is really nice to be able to have two really nice incomes. I get the entire summer off without having to pick up another job. That’s just more time I get to spend with my son. Am I a millionaire? No. Do I make good money? Yes.

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